We have found that New Eve fits very well into the spring semester (January-May). It is helpful to determine by November 1st if you are going to implement a New Eve course so you can begin recruiting in November. Here is a basic timeline:


  • Put dates on the calendar
    • Determine your start date
      • Keep in mind calendar interruptions like Spring Break, as you schedule out the 10 weeks to Banquet. Typically, you are going to need to start the first or second week of classes in January.
    • Launch Trip date
      • Your Launch Trip is best placed the weekend of your first week’s meeting. So if you meet on a Tuesday, they will leave that Friday night for Launch Trip. The first week’s meeting is a “Taste & See” session. Then, they have until the weekend to decide if they are going to be a part of the course. If so, they are expected to go on the Launch Trip. This is important to tell them before Christmas break so they can plan accordingly and aren’t hearing about the trip just a few days before.
    • Boost Trip date
      • This is best placed about five weeks into the course as a 24 hour bonding retreat (Or at least an overnight if possible.)
    • Fort Week and Banquet dates
      • As these are the pinnacle of the course, you want to ensure these dates are free of any potential calendar issues.
  • Cast Vision to your Ministry Team
    • Explain to your staff team or leadership team what New Eve is and why you are implementing this in your ministry. Get your key student leaders on board and excited. Show them the promo video. If they are excited, they will recruit passionately to the course.
  • Build a Leadership Team
    • Appoint a staff member or woman you respect from church to be your co-leader for New Eve. (In your second year of New Eve, you will invite a team of 4-10 women who went through the course to come back and help lead the next year.) They will keep track of all recruiting lists, ensuring that by December every woman on your recruiting list has had a personal invitation with follow-up.
  • Build a Recruitment List
    • Create a list of every woman remotely connected to your ministry.
  • First Promo Video
    • The second week of November
  • Second Promo Video
    • The third week of November
  • New Eve Interest Dinner
    • The first week of December


  • Continue Recruiting
    • Every woman connected to the ministry should have heard about New Eve, watched a promo video, received a personal invitation, and been followed up.
  • Publicize your start date and LAUNCH trip dates
    • Since these are required, make sure these are well publicized.
  • Determine location for New Eve meetings
  • Determine a location for LAUNCH trip
  • Build your budget
    • Examine the example budget and scale for your ministry. Decide how much you can offer in subsidies and break down the specific needs.
  • Begin reviewing the teaching material


  • Have your team reconnect with every student being recruited
  • Begin New Eve course
    • Print binders for the women participating
  • Go on Launch Trip
  • Start planning Boost Trip
    • Determine location/activities


  • Go on Boost Trip
  • Begin planning FORT Week
    • Determine location for housing
    • Preferably all New Eve women will move in together for the week
    • Purchase the materials for the daily activities
  • Begin planning the Banquet
    • Confirm location
    • Begin planning the schedule, putting together menu, and acquiring the necessary materials


  • Host FORT Week
  • Hold Banquet
  • Give full course evaluation
  • Plan post-course Bible studies and next steps

Course Overview:

    • Week 1
      • Session 1: There is a God and It’s Not You


  • Launch Trip


    • Session 2: Unique Design
    • Session 3: The Curse/Fall for Women
    • Session 4: The Struggles Chart
  • Week 2
    • Session 5: The Curse/Fall for Men
  • Week 3
    • Session 6: The Gospel/Identity in Christ
  • Week 4
    • Session 7: Sexuality and Idolatry
  • Week 5
    • Session 8: Women Relating to Women
    • Boost Trip
  • Week 6
    • Session 9: Single, Dating, Marriage
  • Week 7
    • Session 10: Submission/Headship
  • Week 8
    • Session 11: Life-giver
  • Week 9
    • Session 12: Walking With Jesus & Ministering Through the Seasons of LIfe